My Thoughts and Opinions on Food

Food is an important part of everyone's life. But everyone has their own opinions on their meals. So this little webpage is here to talk abput my least favorite food and also my favorite foods.

Cheddar Cheeze-It

When I was visiting the U.S I was walking around this convenient store. And in teh corner of my eyes I saw thsi rbight red box. It was labeled Cheddar Cheeze-It. I decided I coulc give it a try and it was AMAZING. Cheez-It are basically cheese crackers.

Milk Bubble Tea

Around 5th grade was when this drink/snack was getting popular. I decided to tru it out myself one day. And it's become one of my most favorite things I've ever tried so far. Bubble milk tea is a milk tea with boba. Boba are these circular jelly things thta are put with the milk tea.


I have eaten almonds since I was little. Almonds are very good and wholesome. In addition, it has great nutritional values.


I subjectively dislikethis vegetable. I thhink it has a strange mix of taste. My mood is runied as soon as I see this vegetable on my plate.


I have always hated this vegetable for no reason. Plus, I think it has a odd mix of taste. I have no idea how people even stand to see this on their plate.